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About Us

Letícia Daruge

Major: Psychology & International Relations

I was born and raised in Campinas, a large city in São Paulo State, Brazil. In high school, I had the opportunity to participate in an exchange program in Vero Beach, Florida, which led me to apply to colleges in the United States – something I had never thought of doing before.

In 2014, I arrived at the University of Rochester to initiate my studies in Psychology and International Relations. From the onset of my undergraduate career, I began working as a research assistant at the Political Science and Psychology departments, and eventually, I was able to pursue my own research project. In Rochester, I worked as an academic tutor and teaching assistant, got involved with community service, and joined student organizations such as GlobeMed. As a cluster, I also had the opportunity to take Italian classes and later participate in a summer study abroad program in Procida, Italy. Finally, last year, I got my Italian citizenship after a ten-year application process, which encouraged me to apply to Take-Five and learn more about my cultural heritage. Now, in my last semester at the University of Rochester, I went to study abroad in Arezzo, Italy. Although our program was cut short, these few weeks in Italy were an unforgettable and enriching experience! Someday, I hope to return to this beautiful country and explore everything that was left unseen.

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