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Life Post-Arezzo: Social-Distancing but Virtual Connecting

The time between 12 am, Saturday 29 and 12 am, Sunday, March 1st definitely made me realize so much can change within 24 hours. On the Friday of that week, we just had a meeting about the current COVID-19 situation in Italy and decided to shift the course schedule one week early, since we might have trouble traveling…

Saying Goodbye

It’s difficult figuring out how to say goodbye to something you never properly got to say hello to in the first place. I originally meant to write this blog right after we were sent home – that is, at the very end of February, when the CDC raised Italy’s travel alert level to 3 and…

My Foodventure Journey

“Buongiorno! Volevamo …” “Due Caffè Macchiati, vero?” “Sì, Grazie!” Although it’s only been a month and a half, we start our daily routine just like the Italians by going to our favorite Caffè, Caffè Pascucci, and ordering some macchiatos before our morning Italian class. Even before we say what we want, the baristas already know…

A Quick Passeggiata through Arezzo

At first glance, Arezzo seems like a peaceful, quiet town in the heart of Tuscany. After a few days here, however, we soon learned that Arezzo is also vibrant, charismatic, and very welcoming. On weekends, the narrow streets and beautiful piazzas of the historic center are filled with people of all ages and places, who…

Classes and More!

As we have been getting settled back to Arezzo, our home for the new few months, we have also been keeping ourselves very busy with the start of classes and further exploring everything that the most warm and quaint Tuscan city has to offer us! Starting with a concert for the people of Arezzo at…

Kicking off Lisio Italian Studies in Arezzo

The Lisio Italian Studies Program in Arezzo has started off the spring 2020 semester with such a whirlwind of activity that it’s difficult for us to sift through all the places, people, and memories (and food!) we’ve encountered in order to come up with a cohesive blog for you. The five of us arrived in…

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