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Stella Li

Major/Minor: Take 5

From Shanghai to Rochester, NY, I experienced a huge change in lifestyle and culture but every moment at the University of Rochester was unique and wonderful. I studied mathematics and finance and was a math teaching assistant for four years. I have also been involved in local community services, and Mock Trial Organization where I served as a team captain. During the summer, I’ve interned at banks as well as other financial service companies which allowed me to utilize the skills from my studies.

However, language and culture have also been my passions ever since I was a kid. Starting from the simplest Italian language cluster, I started building up my knowledge. 3 summers ago in 2017, I participated in the summer Procida program where my role in Italy was no long only a tourist. From the beautiful beaches with volcanic sands to the local artisan shops, the island was unique in its beauty. However, it is the people of Procida who were all so sincere and amicable that left me with the deepest impression.

I was very fortunate to be rewarded with the Take Five Program Scholarship which allowed me to explore how Italian history is presented through architecture. This semester in Arezzo, Italy was short yet rewarding. Reading Inferno and learning about Dante, observing Cimabue’s crucifixion, site visiting all the Roman Ruins, and making our own documentary further helped me appreciate the Italian history through different aspects. The five of us together with the 5 professors and Dr. Lisio created such a tight bond and extraordinary memories and I am sure we will see each other again one day!

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